Yagai Research Group, A laboratory creating smart molecular assemblies

Prof. Yagai

Prof. Dr. Shiki Yagai

Institute for Advanced Academic Research(IAAR)
Chiba University
1-33 Yayoi-cho, Inage-ku, Chiba, 263-8522, Japan

Phone & Fax: +81-43-290-3169
E-mail: yagaiATfaculty.chiba-u.jp

Academic Career

2002.4-2007.3    Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University

2006.10-2010.3  PRESTO researcher, Japan Science and Technology Agency

2010.2-2017.7    Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Chiba University

2017.7-2022.3    Professor, Institute for Global Prominent Research (IGPR), Chiba University

2021.4-    Visiting Professor, The University of Tokyo

2022.4-    Professor, Institute for Advanced Academic Research(IAAR), Chiba University

Research Topics

Supramolecular materials based on functional dyes and π-conjugated systems